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Brexit Quiz

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    Now comes the EU exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. The United Kingdom of Great Britain is the largest island nation in Europe and is a union of the formerly independent countries: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. England is located in the north-west of Europe and is the largest and most densely populated part of the country with over 54 million inhabitants. The United Kingdom has over 65 million inhabitants. London, the capital on the Thames, is the largest metropolitan city in England and has over 16.5 million inhabitants.

    Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland and with 1.8 million inhabitants quite manageable. Scotland is located in the northern third of the largest European island of Great Britain and has several island groups. The Scottish capital has been Edinburgh since 1437 and is always worth a vacation trip (before Perth) with almost 500.00 inhabitants.

    The popular referendum on the withdrawal is also described as "Brexit". The Kingdom was not involved in the European Monetary Union anyway. They had their pounds, as the Danes and the Swedes kept their crowns


    The popular vote varied in the provinces. For a stay "Remain" more young people, students and urban people voted. For the Brexit "Leave" the elderly people in the country and the lower education layers voted. Many peasants and fishermen are opposed to paternalism through milk quotas and fishing quotas. Many of the younger ones did not choose, or missed the registration requirement. But the result was scarce for an exit from the EU.

    The referendum was determined by the political influence of well-known politicians. Boris Johnson, former mayor of London, is rather well-known for his strong sayings and insults. He used his reputation for a Brexit vote. After the election, he wanted to resign, and now, surprisingly, became Foreign Minister of England.

    The United Kingdom has always been a country that does not want to politically agree with others, or even wants to compromise on the big picture. Historically, England is a colonial power, and it thus strives to create a path to the political union of the European states. English policy was mostly more about economic cooperation and the ggs. Advantages.

    According to the new Prime Minister, the UK will not take over the EU Council presidency in the second half of 2017. Every six months the presidency of the Council changes between the EU member states according to a fixed order. Perhaps Belgium is now taking this task.

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